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Requesting Interpreter Services

Requests for interpreting services can be e-mailed or phoned in to our office. We appreciate at least one weeks' advanced notice, but will attempt to accommodate your urgent/short notice request. The more notice we have in advance of the scheduled event; the easier it will be to schedule interpreter(s) for the time/location you wish. If you are not presently a client of Hired Hands, authorization for payment from the responsible party must be established before we can provide services.

All interpreters working for Hired Hands are certified by the national Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. (RID, Inc.) If there is a preferred interpreter you would like to request, please do so. Every attempt will be made to accommodate your preference.

Requesting interpreters for emergencies or extremely short notice can be done by e-mail or phone. If you are directed to voice-mail when calling our office, you will hear a referral number for medical emergencies or instances when an interpreter is needed w/less than 24 hours notice. Please use that emergency number only for urgent matters.

Assignments exceeding 1.0-1.25 hours in length may require two interpreters. Often this depends on the context/content of the assignment. Decisions as too whether one or two interpreters are needed will be made by the director/scheduler of Hired Hands. ASL Interpreting is a very physically and mentally demanding job and we do our best to keep interpreters safe and healthy by "teaming" assignments when necessary.

Office:  510.659.1882      Email:  scheduling@hiredhandsasl.com
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